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GoT cast on break w/ show quotes 

Laura Marling 

I’m going to be releasing some serious preview material for my current at work novel Tales of Harmony.

Should be sometime next week. 

See you then.


Exile, Vilify - The National 

Game of Thrones - 1995 Style 


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Both the book and the television series fandoms should live in peace - Nothing productive comes from bickering on both sides about intellect levels of fans.  We all like the same characters and universe and anyone who hasn’t read the books I encourage to do so but I would never look down on them - That just ain’t right. 

It must be exciting to flit from one camp to the next, serving whichever Lord or Lady you fancy.


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House Sigils as Modern Brands.

A Song of Ice and Fire. 

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Game of Thrones Characters in Art

Love the way Cersei looks - Totally how I imagine her in the books (same with Arya). 

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