Anonymous said: FUCK, you're fine as hell & you made me laugh all the times we've gamed together. I wish you nothing but the best. A bit common thing to say but I'm terrible with words B) -your secret admirer femanon

My constantly fluxing self confidence makes it really hard to respond to this but I want you to know that if this is true it means so much to me and brought a very warm smile to my face.  The reaction was kind of like:


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Arthur Stanson
CEO of Bright Future INC.



My name is Arthur Stanson I am the owner of the blog Cowboys & Synyonyms.

As you know the blog is “run" by Ellis Potter.  However, Ellis Potter is just an imaginary creation that I, Arthur Stanson, created.  I am here to say that recently a hacker got the password of this Tumblr and has been writing shit posts under my name.

Do not believe what this person writes as they are merely here to infringe on my image and attempt to dismantle this identity that I have systematically put in place. 

I hope you enjoy your times on Cowboys & Synonyms and here is a couple of really cool links to calm you in times of dire need.


Arthur Stanson 
CEO of Bright Future INC. 

weh n i shit post i go so hard

like publicsh my books

but also publicsh my shitposts

because i make them see like i am fucking wasted and just take away leters randomly

i thik i made it a a nrt an art 

i read a comic book once where a dude before he dies seals himself in an airtight suit and like retains his soul and doesn’t die so yeah do that cuz i’m pretty sure that is the secret to immortality 

everyone thinks they are the star of their own show

but what really matters

is what network you air on

AMC? HBO? CCTV? BBC1? BBC2? some occult underground radio station? numbers station? KCTS? KCTY? KCTWS1? KCTWS2? 

game of thrones?

more like game of PORN

fucking mohogany 

this show is literally made by sax crased mohoganists 

i can’t believe how many sax scenes there are

literaly scene from game of thrones 

so is always sunny just a show about white people being white people? because if so, white people? i mean don’t white people even white people? white people.