Okay, hello.  

I never believed much in signal boosting (as most of the times when you investigated what was being boosted it was usual either a hoax or some screen cap from a film being treated like truth) but regardless, I would boost certain things and such.

Which brings us here… This random person who is a friend of a friend on Steam added me under the user name “Ange<3”.  They were present last night during one of my streams on and were making overtly racist comments and acting just really… Strange.

So my friend Fetus, she did some digging.  More digging than I could.  And what she uncovered was horrific.  I told “Ange<3” what we had found and “she” deleted me and blocked me.  

Here is what we found.



That is right. 

Some SICK FUCK who knows people I do is posing as a girl who was raped and bullied to death.  What the actual fuck is wrong with people.  

This person could be on your friends list or a friend of yours list acting like a normal player without a microphone but I can promise that anyone with the audacity to use a dead girls photo is a fucking monster.  Especially to get caught in the act and retreat so hard.

I am hoping by posting this here, as I know many gamers follow me and I follow many gamers we can get some kind of awareness to Steam about this.  It just seems like the right thing to do.

Again, I won’t beg for a signal boost but just take the time to make your own conclusion and be safe.  


It is my Dads birthday today!

I love that guy! 

Happy Birthday Dad, you mean the world to me. 

viktortrulove ⇨

The title says it all.

Things are already getting awfully strange, come join for the goodness! 

Anonymous says:
has anyone ever told you that you look like james sunderland because you do a little bit

I am really okay with this. 

Yo, when they make the Silent Hill 2 film adaption I should probably… Y’know.


Ain’t no girl getting between me and my special homie! 


Ain’t no girl getting between me and my special homie!